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Umrah 2009

Allahmdulilah, Once again by Allah's will I had arrived to the Islamic Holy land of Makkah Al Mukkaramah and Madinah Al Munawarah but this time my Umrah trip was different as previously, I had signed up the package with the Darussalam Holding Sdn Berhad as a tourist paying sum of $3,570.00 for 15 days including touring Al Ula and Madain Saleh in Madinah apart from religious places and other historical places in Madinah and Makkah as common arrangement by haj and Umrah travel agencies in Brunei Darussalam, I did enjoy this package but frankly its tiring due to flight schedules and other arrangements.

As the program schedule:-

23rd Feb 2009 , BWN-SIN 1800hrs and arrived Singapore 2000hrs local time and had to stayed at Changi Airport for 3 hours. (on transit)

24th Feb 2009 , SIN- JED via Saudia Airline at 2320hrs. Arrived King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah at approximately 0523hrs (Saudi Time), yes, it was fajar and after custom and immigrations procedure I went for Solat Suboh at the airport Surau with the rest of the Ja’amah Umrah, after solat 0730hrs, we board 45 sitter bus to go Madinah Al Munawarah.
As for Muslims Madinah is the city of the Prophet MUHAMMAD SAW, and also his burial place. It was the first Islamic city to support the Prophet (peace be upon him), and it joined him in fighting decisive battles which were instrumental in the victory of Islam and its subsequent spread. As history was told this is the city of the Ansar, or "Supporters' and their brothers the Muhajireen, or "Emigrants", who together formed the first Islamic army which entered Makkah in triumph eight years after the Prophet's Hijrah,
or Migration. It was a city which loved the Prophet, and which he in turn loved. On its soil he built his sacred mosque, and it was here that he was buried. It was the seat of the first Islamic state, and witnessed the Prophet's companions administering the affairs of the Muslim community, compiling the Holy Quran, and dispatching armies to Persia, Syria and Egypt.

The King, government and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia take pride in serving and developing it in keeping with its distinguished status in Islamic history.

I don’t have to elaborate much of this City I think most muslims and non muslims knew the history of this city.

On top of Jabal Rahmat, Makkah

We arrived Madinah at 1125hrs local time, and check in at Hotel Dallah Taibah, which is close with the prophet’s Masjadil An Nabawi about 3 to 5 minutes walk (fast walk).
I with Haji Hashim 68 years old friend from Kg Sengkarai, Tutong attend Zohor prayer at Masjadil An Nabawi and after solat Zohor and taking a chance of praying at Rawdah, 2 raakat solat Ba’diatan Zohor, then we went to visit the prophet’s Muhammad SAW grave and Saydina Abu Bakar and Saydina Umar grave. Abu Hurariah narrated that the messenger said “One prayer performed in my masjid is better (in reward) than one thousand prayers elsewhere, except in the Masjadil Haram of Makkah (Bukhari &Muslim)

25th Feb 2009 Madinah, Darusalam Holding Package include Ziarah around historical places in Madinah as our first tour around Madinah this morning is to

It has been narrated that the Phrophet (peace be upon him) used to ride camel and visit Quba every saturday and monday. The Phrophet said " Whoever perform abulution at home, then go to Quba mosque to perform Solat therein, will get reward as same as "Pahala Umrah."

It has also been said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Whoever prays in Quba' Mosque on Monday and Thursday is given the reward as for Umrah."

I pray 2 rakaat tahiiyatul masjid and 2 raakat solat Doha at Masjid Quba, we were given 20 minutes for this purpose, as everything had been done our next destination is Jaabal Uhud.

It lied to north of Madinah and located 4 kilometers away from the Holy Prophet's Mosque . Uhud has an attractive look. The Prophet (peace be upon him) felt relieved on seeing it, and the people of Madinah also loved it very much. In 3 a.h. Jabal Uhud was the scene of the famous Battle of Uhud. The battlefield was the space between the southwestern base of Jabal Uhud and Jabal Aynayn, a distance of about 1 kilometer (0.6 miles). On arrival at the foot of Jabal Uhud we give salam and read doa for Saydina Hamzah which was buried at Jabal Uhud.

Jabal Uhud is also called the Archers’ Mount because it was the field where the steadfast archers in the Battle of Uhud were killed. The people of the Quraysh, upset at their defeat in the Battle of Badr in 2 a.h., wanted to avenge their dead. In coalition with some other tribes, they gathered a large force to attack the Muslims in Madinah. They positioned themselves near the hills of Uhud.
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) marched out with the Muslims to confront them. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) took up his position below the hill. He (peace and blessings be upon him) arrayed the army in fighting formations, and fifty archers were posted on Mount `Aynayn under the leadership of `Abdullah ibn Jubayr to guard the army from any attack from the rear. They had strict orders not to leave their post, whatever the outcome of the battle.

The two armies engaged in fighting. The Muslims seemed to have won victory over the Makkans, who fell back in disorder after paying a heavy toll. The Muslims started gathering the booty. Thinking that the fight was over, the majority of the Muslim archers left their posts to gather the spoils, disregarding the orders of their leader to stay in their positions.

Camel ride at Jabal Rahmat, Makkah (Me and Hj Hashim)

On seeing the archers leaving their posts, Khalid ibn Al-Walid, who had not yet embraced Islam, seized the opportunity and gathered a group of the Quraysh fighters, killed the rest of the archers, and launched a furious attack from the rear. The Muslims were taken so much by surprise that they did not know what to do. In the general military their ranks got disorganized. Seventy of the Prophet’s Companions, including Hamza ibn `Abdul Muttalib, the Prophet’s uncle (may Allah be pleased with them), were killed.

After the battle was over, the martyrs were buried in the field of the battle. The Prophet (peace be upon him)had visit their graves and pray for them.

The Muslims have followed in the footsteps of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in that regard. Jabal Uhud had a special place in the heart of the Prophet (peace be upon him). There were many hadiths had said regarding the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) about his visit to their grave.
Qatadah reported from Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “Uhud is a mountain which loves us and which we love.”

We were given around 20-30 minutes to tour this area and to get Tabaruk and I with my friend, Haji Hashim climbed this Mount Uhud to memories the history and scenery what history had been told. So we left Jabal Uhud with memories next destination Masjid Qiblatain.
This Famous mosque Called "Mosque with Two Qiblah" located in Madinah few kilometers away from Masjid An Nabawi. This is one of the oldest mosques in Islamic history. It had two Mihraps. One Mihrab is facing "bait al-Maqdis" and the other facing towards Kaabah "Makkah". As in the Quran said surah Baqarah verse 2:143 & 2:144. Today the mihrap facing towards Bait Al Maqadis had been removed by the Saudi Government on religious purposes.

"Indeed We see the turning of your face to heaven. So We shall surely turn you to a "qiblah" you shall like; turn then your face towards the Sacred Mosque, and where ever you are, turn your face towards it, and those who have been given the book most surely know that it is truth from their Lord; and Allah is not at all heedless of what they do." (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:144)

"We decreed your former qiblah only in order that we might know the Prophet’s true adherents and those who were to disown him. It was indeed a hard test, but not for those whom Allah guided." (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:143)
We were allowed to tour this place for 30 minutes and solat tahyaitul masjid and solat Doha.

On top Jabal Rahmat, Makkah (Me with Pg Salleh Ab Rahman)

The next destination is Masjid Tujuh area of Khandak Village, here we don’t get down as our bus just pass by this area and our mutawif retold the story of Khandak war and the 7 mosques, so we hurried to Tamar Souk, the area on left side of Masjid Al Gamma, the history was told that when prophet Muhammad SAW pray in this area during the sunny day some dark cloud covered Rasullah to keep him from the heat of the sunny day, and the people of Madinah built a mosque where Rasullah had perform solat. Our time is up its 11.00 am and we had to go back to the hotel to prepare for Zohor prayer. Our touring season end up here and our daily activities in Madinah al Munawarah is as usual and tomorrow we will be going to Al Ula and Madain Saleh which is 400kms from Masjadil An Nabawi.

TO BE continue………

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